Connect PyLabRobot to OT2

How is this going? What can I do to help?

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Cannot get the 7.0.1 app to work with PLR. The deck is not at the correct high. It was to low earlier and now it is to high. I will try implementing my code on a Hamilton Star first and then get back to this after the summer.

went ahead and made the commits:

I added a version check so that our backend works with both the past and new version of the OT API. Verified this is working on our OTs (one is 7.0.2, the other 7.2.1, both work).

Having three drop tips methods in opentrons-python-api isn’t pretty, but it’s a limitation from OT’s side we can’t fix.

Thanks again @Matias for figuring this out!


I have tested it now. It works. I do still have some problems with the calibrations but this may be on my end.
All in all it is something i can counter using the Coordinates(x,y,z) function to define offsets :slight_smile:

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Glad it’s working!

We also experience some offset issues. Regularly calibrating and including offsets in your PLR commands make things work.

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