Dev Discussion: Heaters, Shakers, HeaterShakers and Coolers

Hello @CamilloMoschner , i Have a technical question with a HHS, am working on a Hamilton Nimbus and the HHS is overheating what do you think could be the best possible remedies? Please advice.

Hi @Maera,

Since you are working with a Nimbus and that machine has not yet been integrated into the PyLabRobot (PLR) ecosystem (and your question appears to be hardware not software related) I believe you should ask this question in a new thread with a Hamilton tag.

This thread is specifically for the integration of heaters, shakers, coolers, … into PLR.

Since we are not Hamilton employees I don’t think we are qualified to answer your question and people like @EricSindelar_Hamilton will be more knowledgeable about the matter.

That being said, and you being warned, we are here to help each other: My best guesses are
1.) check that your power supply is matching the HHS needs (is it directly connected to the Nimbus? I’ve never used a Nimbus myself),
2.) is the HHS “overheating” in terms of it not correctly achieving the temperature you set it to or is it “overheating” as in even when no temperature control is active the machine gets hot? (the latter indicates a power supply issue or an actual fault with the HHS machine)

We never used the heater so I don’t have any insight here, sorry!