Disable Vantage sending channels to back of instrument

We’ve noticed that our Hamilton Vantage will often send channels all the way to the back of the instrument after a pipetting operation, instead of just moving them enough to make room for the next channel. For example, when aspirating from a single tube with all 8 channels sequentially, each channel will aspirate and then move all the way to the back before the next channel starts aspirating.

I can only assume it defaults to this behavior to try to reduce contamination, but the time it takes adds up over the course of a run and it can sometimes increase contamination with all the additional movement.

Is there a way to disable this feature, or set the system to only move channels the minimum amount necessary?

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a STAR but I don’t remember this happening nearly as often with STARs. We’re currently running Venus 6, but this behavior also existed in Venus 5. Any input is appreciated; maybe one of the Hamilton guys can shed some light on the situation.


Seconding this!

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@osand317 - Unfortunately that particular channel movement behavior is built in at a low level for aspiration and dispense commands, and I am currently not away of any workarounds that would be easy to circumvent it (besides tailoring particular transfers to minimize repeat containers/Y coordinates within the same aspiration or dispense).

That said, I understand how this is not ideal if undesired, and how having this configurable would be useful. I will have this brought up to product management to discuss further.




@NickHealy_Hamilton thanks for confirming, I figured that might be the case. I appreciate you bringing it up with product management! It would be great to have this configurable in the future.