Easyblood labware definitions

Hello friends, I’ve got a method developed for my easyblood system, but it looks like I dont have the proper labware definitions for the easyblood sample carriers. The version of the carriers on the deck at the moment are the SMP_CAR_24_EBLOOD_X2. Does anyone know where I could download the labware files for these?

This might be an @EricSindelar_Hamilton or @NickHealy_Hamilton question, they’ve been extraordinarily helpful with various downloads.

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I don’t recognize that labware as being part of the default easyBlood standard solution. I can make further inquiries, but if someone else provided you with the method, you may want to inquire if they are custom definitions and if they could include them as dependencies in the method so they are sure to be included during the export process.


Hi @HamiltonBrokeMyBad ,

Is the tube carrier for 5 mL Eppendorf tubes?


Or are you referring to the carrier that is used for the source tubes that get analyzed?


Im looking for the actual source tube carrier, like in your second picture!
Our lab has several versions of this carrier, but my instrument is currently loaded with the SMP_CAR_24_EBLOOD_X2 version, but theyre not being recognized because I dont have the definitions of those carriers.