Error in CO-RE 96 Head

Hi everyone, I am trying to start daily maintenance
and the program will not start. Instead, this error is popping up. Anyone know what this means?

We had an EEPROM error recently and we needed a Hamilton engineer to reset it for us. He used the STARService program, if you have that…


Thank you!

We had this in the past. When we had the Field Service Engineer come out all he had to do was simply open STARService and connect to the machine to clear the error so I’d try that first before you call and have to wait for an engineer.

After looking at a lot of COMtrace logs and run logs I suspect that the instrument had yet to finish its cleanup when it was powered off. Just my suspicion as to what caused our H0 error, may or may not actually be the case ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Contact your local support to help you with this. Just for interest I tell you how it works. But you should contact your local support anyway.

Basically there is an error state on your MPH. It’s easy to reset via the service software, but it means something triggered this error. Clearing the error is indeed 5 second work and did that quite some times. But I would always contact support to understand what caused your error in the first place? Did you have maintenance? Did you update firmware? Has the head been calibrated recently? Crashes?

If you need to remove the error, hamilton can do that easy by phone. But in the service software you can find that with a connected system via below image.


Thank you so much!!

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Thank you!!

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