Get last liquid level (in mm from bottom) from last aspirate

Hi there,

Is there a way to get the last liquid level measured in mm from bottom from the last aspirate? I’m trying to program an aliquoting smt and noticed that in Jet mode the first aliquot is always off, regardless of prerinsing or over-aspirate volume. So I figured that an easy fix for this might be to dispense a bit back into the source container. However to not hardcode that for every different container, I’d like to use the cLLD value from the aspirate just before. Any ideas on that?


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Hi Dominik - the following post should get you sorted out:

Immediately after the aspiration step (using cLLD) from the source container(s) you can retrieve the liquid level step data by calling the ‘1000uL Channel Get Last Liquid Level’ step.

The liquid height data returned from the step will still need to be parsed to be useful, which is done with a STAR Tools function made for this purpose. More detail can be found in the linked post.

STAR Tools also contains similar functions to support liquid height retrieval using MPH as well.