HHC and driver usage


I’m posting a question about the HHC and HHC driver. We have a platform with two HHC installed and some troubles with the devices. When operating only one HHC everything is fine, but it gets more complicated with two of them.
Our main issue is that the driver seems to wait till one of them reaches temperature before starting the second one. We turned the option for “Wait for temperature” as false, but it does nothing. What whould be the best practices when using several HHC ?

Also, when aborting the method, the HHC will wait until it goes back to 25°C before really aborting. For now, I’ve commented the cleanup function in the .hsl library to avoid that, but I guess there’s another way to handle it.

The devices are nice and I hope you have some clever solutions to have them operating at the same time, it actually takes 10 minutes to reach 4°C, so that would be a nice time saving.



@Yass - I will inquire internally to see what feedback I can gather and provide.

In the meantime, could you let me know what HHC driver version you are using? If yours is out of date I can send you the most recent version while I look into this.


Hi, Thank you for the quick response.
I believe the version I have is the HamiltonHeaterCooler 2.0.7508.26362 and date is 23/09/2020.
It looks indeed like some parts of the driver are not working as intended.

Would you be able to provide a pkg of the method, as well as a run trace from an affected run?

You can use this link to upload files to the Hamilton materials share.



I’m sorry for the long delay to respond. When trying to replicate the issue in a method isolated to just the HHC I’ve discovered that the bug was probably linked to another integrated instrument.
After troubleshooting, we found the reason and we are now able to have both HHC working at the same time (Yay !).
The only command that is not compatible with parallel processing is the “Connect” that lasts 1min30, so it’s okay.

Sorry about opening that post, I think we can say it is now resolved.
If someone encounter the same issue, you need to check two things : value of the deviceID variable within the array the HHC creates and potential interaction between HHC driver and ODTC driver if you use both instruments. I can help and elaborate if someone needs.

Thanks again for the quick responses Nick, I really appreciate the support from Hamilton on this forum.