How to use HSL Automation Object

The pyhamilton-configure tool modifies your Hamilton folder in two ways: It copies folders from the PyHamilton repo into 'C:/Program Files (x86)/HAMILTON/Library'. This is a hard-coded path in PyHamilton, so it can’t touch your HAMILTON\Config folder.

The other action it performs is executing Hamilton-issued installers. Before it executes them, a yes/no prompt appears for each one saying which library it installs. This is the only aspect of pyhamilton-configure that could modify something in HAMILTON\Config, which we expect it to. I’m happy to work with you further to directly troubleshoot this issue on a call. Please provide trace files of any methods that dont execute as expected so we can pinpoint what the error is. Tracefiles are very informative for these purposes.

I’ll provide more information on the Github instructions about what pyhamilton-configure does.

Thanks @EricSindelar_Hamilton. Of course there is documentation already, it seems Hamilton has guides for everything!

@Zach, yeah I agree, I’m considering integrating .dlls from c#/c++ more too. Some of the docs from Eric above give info about registering the COM objects and stuff. If not, ask away here and the forum can help at the same time as documenting it…


Everything is good. Restored from backups.

But please, the PyHamilton package really shouldn’t be touching the config at all - it’s way too dangerous and the installation can be fragile. Trust that the user has the correct system and just install the necessary python files.

Btw thank you @EricSindelar_Hamilton for the instructional files! Extremely helpful!

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A bit off-topic, but this was the only thing on all of google that came up for “Venus 6”…and it seems like a few people in here are either hoping to use it soon or may be actively using it. Is it released yet? If not, does anyone (@EricSindelar_Hamilton ?) have an idea when it’s supposed to come out?



Hi all,

The last update was end of May, but that is nearly upon us. As soon as I know more, I will update the forum!


Thanks @EricSindelar_Hamilton - that’d be great to get the latest projection! As far as you know, will the first release of Venus 6 support NIMBUS? Or did that get dropped?

The intent for the first release is for STAR, STARv, and VANTAGE support. NIMBUS is planned for next year. The ultimate goal is to have one VENUS installer for all platforms.