Sequence Library question

I have always been confused with the SeqCopySequence and SeqOperatorAssignSeq function in the Sequence Library. Both step seems to accomplish the exact same thing. When should SeqCopySequence be used over the other?


I am not sure that there is a difference. None that I have ever observed at least. They both yield sequences with identical total, current and end positions as well as name and labware data.

My best guess is that one of the extra functions might be a holdout from a much older version of VENUS or Vector, which is no longer needed and was never removed in order to maintain compatibility with older methods.

For what it is worth, I have used about a billion SeqCopy calls over the years for various purposes with no issues or limitations.


Thanks Nick,
Glad to hear that. It always felt like i was missing something by using SeqCopySequence rather than SeqOperatorAssignSeq.