Simulation with Inheco ODTC on the layout

So as promised, I will start with my beginner questions :slight_smile:

We have a protocol made for us by an outside specialist. I imported the method and the layout to a laptop where I’m running VENUS 6 for self-learning purposes. The first problem I run into is that the simulation throws an “error 1312” about the Inheco ODTC while trying to analyze the method at run time, and after that about all the steps that try to refer to the ODTC.

I gathered that using third party instruments like the ODTC have this problem in simulation, but is there a way to side-step this, and be able to run the protocol in simulation at all?

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Hi @NFred ,

Most third-party drivers like this have a built-in simulation toggle that you feed in a variable.

1 = Simulation Mode so it will simulate connections and functions
0 = Live Mode

You can either hard code it and switch as necessary for your testing, or you can make it a variable to feed in based on the actual state of Run Control.

The HSLUtilLib Library that installs with VENUS has a GetSimulationMode function that can be used to automatically switch the library into simulation mode if Run Control is also in simulation.


Thanks so much, I’ll dig into that :slight_smile: