Track lights Vantage with VoV

Hi there,

is there a library to control the track lights of the Vantage System as there is for the Star? Specifically, I’m looking for a library that takes the track # as input and turns the light on/off/to blinking.

best Dominik

@dominik.b - This function can be found in the IDL Tools library, which is a custom library that has some extended functions related to the loading device and load tray. Please note that this is a custom library, and not an officially released library from our software group, and as such non-routine support regarding it’s use may be limited.

TRAY_LightUpTracks is the function you are looking for, and the parameters are pretty straight forward. I believe the author has the selected track light set to blink by default when turning the lights on.



Hi Nick,

that’s perfect, thank you so much :slight_smile: Anything I have to look out for when importing this package?


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@dominik.b - Check your library folder for a subfolder called ‘Vantage Tools’. If it exists, then delete it or rename it before importing.

When importing be sure to import as ‘recovery’ with overwriting of original Hamilton files unchecked.


That was easy :heart_eyes:

Thank you :slight_smile:


On a lighter note, I really want to see someone sync their Vantage to Wizards In Winter now…


Sounds like a fun Easter egg for Venus 7…