Venus Tips Off

Is there a quick way to trigger a ‘tips off’ into specified wells/locations? I’m just starting to learn Venus and often run into issues/errors during the run. I would like to save the tips and place back to their origin for retesting.

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remove default wast block from deck layout (or remove all its properties), and add following properties to the labware when you want to put tip.

For MPH, you need other properties, you can find these in your deck or in the programmer manual

What version of Venus are you running? You should be able to select where you want to drop tips from either a radio button (in regular steps) or a dropdown menu (in the eject tip single step). In either case, an option should appear to select the sequence where you want to drop the tips. You shouldn’t have to modify your default waste properties for this. As long as your eject sequence is compatible with the state of your tips, this should work fine.

I am running Venus 4. Thanks I will give look into this.

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Thank you, I will give this a try!