12 Column Plate-based Reservoir for solution prep question [Resolved]

So im trying to bulk prepare solutions using a 12C reservoir where each column is separated into it’s own trough. I’d like for all eight channels to be able to dispense into the column at the same time and for each column to be tracked as a separate connected container on the same labware.

This way I can use all eight channels to prepare 10+ mL of a solution and aspirate and aliquot with the same steps. I saw there is a 12C_P labware, but it only has 24 positions and the 96-position trough treats all 96 containers as connected.

Anyone have a labware definition or a rout they when for defining these 12 x 1 landscape style reservoirs?

Would the STAR Channel tools function, split wells add containers to well work for this with a single large column container on a rack?

Hi Brandon,

See this link for an Axygen Multiple Well Reagent Reservoir with 12-Channel Trough.

This is a *.tml definition containing 12 rack sites, where each rack is an individual column. Using this approach, you can have connected containers within a column, but clear divisions between columns for accurate liquid following.

Because this is a TML that will likely be snapped to another TML (and will not snap to a default deck site), when you add this to your deck layout you must initially drag it to an off-deck position. Then VENUS will let you place it wherever you like on your deck layout. Note that this workaround is not needed with VENUS 6.


Hi Eric,

Thank you so much! This was the route I was about to proceed with myself. Was in the process of tracking down some labware engineering diagrams from vendors to do this so you saved me a few hours!

Thank you!