2024 International labautomation.io Meetup (Boston)

Getting a pulse check on this for the Boston SLAS in February! Like or comment on this thread so we can try to scope a venue size to hold those that want to come.

@Stefan I’m gonna try to source some funding to get you at this one if you can’t come on your own …since last time I had to fill and felt like goober!

I can already tell we are going to have WAY WAY WAY higher stats to reveal!


Wait you mean to pay for Stefan’s SLAS access?

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Ok ill go! Haha

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Bake Sale? Lemonade Stand? I am in.

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I’ll be at SLAS if I can get a ticket from my company. I’ll be at the afterparty regardless!

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Ill be at SLAS and would love to meet up and meet some of you all!

Finally making my way to Boston! Looking forward to SLAS but mostly excited for the cannoli’s…


I’m expecting a lot of fireworks at this SLAS :fire:


I’m so sad I won’t be going :sob:

My wife is pregnant so staying close to home (guess it’s not that sad as I adapt my life to fatherhood).

Hope you all have a blast!



RSVP Now. Sorry on the delay on this! Feb 7th is not set in stone as well. We can move depending on how many register.

Use secret code LABIO2024 for 100% free-ninety-nine discount code.

Hope to see everyone again. We had 31 attendees last year… let’s beat it. We will of course go over the leader board again and fun statistics on the sites provided by @Stefan !


Thanks for organizing Sam! Can’t wait!

Be sure to share this on any other online automation forums, discords, or slack you might be part of!


Just an FYI, the big SLAS celebration is on Monday, February 5th.


Thanks for setting it up!

Maybe a Google survey to see what days people prefer? Some people might be flying out on Feb 7th. :slight_smile:


Seems the 7th is pretty good. In 24 hrs we’re already down to 2/3 of available tickets.


I’ll bet lots of people are flying out right when this event is kicking off. I’m one of them :frowning:

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Me included :frowning:

Maybe we can have mobile robots with an iPad attend in your place @bowlineknot


Signed up! Thanks for organising this, can’t wait to head over and meet everyone