2D Barcode Readers

Do you guys have a Python template for 2D Barcode Readers for items like a Ziath?

I know the Ziath scanners come pre-loaded with Python scripts you can modify and use to execute all basic scanner commands/report generation functionality. You can find snippets of this code in the DP5 software itself (under the edit export settings menu) and there are examples for the headless version of the application available in the user manual. It’s explained in a pretty good amount of detail.

As far as integrating in Venus… I have 0 familiarity with pylabrobot but I know in Venus standard layout you’d use a shell command to launch your scanner python script, then write an exit code command to a new file with a list of any data you want to pass back to Venus.

I believe that still requires a Ziath specific server/webserver (.exe) to run in the background.

I think PyLabRobot aims for a lower level of abstraction.

With PLR, we aim to support all major operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS). Because interfaces to many devices (often those built by the manufacturer) are only available on Windows, we have to build lower-level software out of necessity.

If the user indeed needs a Windows computer to interface with this device, I’d be hesitant to add something built on top of it to PLR, but that also means we have an opportunity to build a new, OS-agnostic interface. If that sounds interesting or useful to you, I’d be happy to help!

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