3D models view and hamilton labware editor

Hello all,

I had a question about 3D models in the Hamilton labware editor. There is a possibility to add a 3D model to a labware in the software, but the help is very limited on that. I’ve seen that we can include .x or .hxx files. Does anyone know how to create them ?

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Hi Yass,

I haven’t done it myself, but I was told that Blender ( blender.org - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software) would work. It offers the option to save in .x format. If you haven’t worked with blender before, it can be quite challenging. In that case you could use your favorite CAD program, import the file to Blender and just save it as .x file (if your favorite CAD program doesn’t support this option).

I hope this helps.

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Just to add to Julian’s reply, it’s specifically Blender 2.8 and earlier which has the ability to export to .x files; I believe in later versions it was removed. It’s still possible to download earlier versions; I kept my 2.8 version in a virtual machine to avoid any issues with the latest version.

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