3rd party Tecan Servicers

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or experience with 3rd party servicers for Tecan Evos. Our instrument is really old and our least utilized instrument, so paying the super expensive service contract through Tecan doesn’t make too much sense for us at this moment. I’m exploring options to service outside of Tecan and debating on whether we want to renew our current contract depending on other options. Thanks!


Calling: @Optimize @NuggetScientific @MikeMueller


hi ehung
i offer various services

whether it be an EVO, a Fluent
whether you need Preventative Maintenance, hardware repairs, method development support, helpdesk support, trainings or someone to turn to who has > 20 years experience

would love to understand your needs
please email me (daniel.leach@optimizeyourlab.com)
and we can discuss the specifics


Thanks for the nod… For liquid handlers, we work on STARs.

Mike and Daniel can help with Tecans :slight_smile:

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Copia Scientific can service Tecan EVO’s throughout the US. We also service Hamilton, Agilent and others and we have technicians throughout the US. https://www.copiasci.com/