8 Channel Speed

Hi all,

Is there a firmware command or something similar for controlling the speed at which the 8 channel moves up/down? Trying to make it a bit gentler with some septum tubes I’m testing.

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I think you’re looking for “Swap Speed” defined in the liquid editor.
From the help menu:

Swap speed [mm/s]
Speed at which the dispensing head is removed from the liquid.

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Thanks! I’ll try that out. But I think I’m more interested in the opposite of that (speed at which head is moved down to dispense liquid) since that’s where I’ve seen issues.

@max_gildemeister - If you reach out to you local applications support, they will be able to assist with this. If you need any assistance getting pointed in the right direction, message me directly and I can help get you squared away.


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Are you looking for channel or Head?

Hi @max_gildemeister,

I had a similar challenge recently and was able to do this via firmware commands. Just need to remember to set things back to default after you’re done, otherwise it will persist until your next initialization.

I should say support were reluctant to advise us to use Firmware commands, so careful running these, they have no error handling and things could break…

Specifically I used the following Firmware Commands for channel 1; might need to do that for each channel you want to slow down: command "P1ZA" parameter "zv01000" to slow it down, then command "P1ZA" parameter "zv12000" to set it back to default speed.