AdjustAccuracy() In Practice


Are you using the AdjustAccuracy() function in scripts?

It seems useful for iterative processes during development and for optimizations as part of experimentation. The documentation is sparse…

How are you using it in a script?

:eyes: Are you using the AdjustAccuracy() function (yet) in scripts, Luis?

My short answer is no. I’ve been hoping to get a scale that I can do a quick integration with our Fluents to do automated gravimetric calibrations for liquid classes. I haven’t put too much thought as to how I would script out the process, but…

It makes sense to me that you could have a labware with a custom attribute, e.g. “LastVolume” (to avoid variable imports in the LC clogging up the AuditTrail). Run a loop where the measured volume of the last transfer is used to modify the custom attribute, and set the LC to GetAttribute() for updating the volume. Set the loop to finish when you’ve hit the accuracy you want (or after n loops).

Could even have a couple of different versions of an LC (e.g. varying in overall speed) and let the script iterate to optimize beyond accuracy.

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Precisely, that’s the most obvious use case for it.

Also in theory, you don’t need an automated scale to such a script. You could build something a bit more manual for it and pair it with an ARTEL for a faster, iterative experience.

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I went the automated scale approach. Grabbed a Mettler Toledo scale and took off the glass enclosure and threw it in the Tecan with a custom 3D printed carrier. Wrote a driver for the serial port to send and receive commands and values to and from the scale. Then used the excel file in the installation disk to base my algorithm on. It’s usually in FluentControl 2.7\Fluent_Control\Liquid Class Help\AdjustAccuracy Function 1.4.xlsx.

The excel file has you start at 0 but every liquid class already uses the script. So I instead import/export the value into a text file that starts with zero. I import the value into a custom liquid class that then goes through the iterative process to optimize the accuracy.