Agilent PlateLoc

Anyone happen to know PlateLoc sealer cover for seal roll?

I’ve never used them. Any particular question?

It’s a plate sealer to seal plate for long term or short term use and need to protect seal from getting dusty. So require seal cover to keep it away from any debris or dust.

I used the plateloc extensively. We used it pretty often and we didn’t experience dust on the seal roll and we didn’t have a cover for it. If its a concern for you, you could get a plexiglass hood for your plateloc. This is probably the easiest and cheapest option. Something like this.

You’ll have to confirm the dimensions of the plateloc to find a compatible hood.

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Has anyone integrated one of these into their system on their own? I am trying to do just that and I am finding all Agilent devices troublesome, including the plateloc.

Does Agilent provide documentation for API’s or writing your own drivers?

Most orgs have that available upon request

All of the API documentation used to be in the online knowledge base but it does not seem to be loading from my PC:

Maybe they killed it?

Try emailing:

Looks like the whole V11 website is down. Perhaps they’ve finally killed it?

Was the documentation any different than what’s in the user manual starting at page 99?

Is this what you are looking for

They recently moved away from the old velocity page

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Thats it!

we integrated a lot of these on our Hamilton and with High res and they work great. Everyone have API and drivers for these