Agilent VWorks hidden service menus

Does anybody know (and feel comfortable sharing) the secret key combo to show the hidden service setting menus in VWorks? I swear that the Bravo grip force used to be a setting that the customer could change but it’s no longer in the menu setting for either the Bravo device nor the Labware settings. I might also just be thinking of grip setting for one of the robots they used to sell (DDR or BenchBot or maybe even just the BenchCel).

I also didn’t realize that VWorks version 13 is now unlicensed, so I assume that means we have access to all the drivers and can add anything we want to the system. I recently downgraded from version 14.1 to 13.1 because v14 has tamper protection enabled for all VWorks related files including javascript files. Which made development of protocols an absolute pain. There were a few hiccups with migrating protocols from V14 to V13, but it was doable.

I think you need to go into the registery for the bravo grip force - try ctrl alt shift v for the advanced menu.

EDIT: I think its grip current under gripper settings

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 10.19.15 AM

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Also, you will only have access to agilent device drivers, they stopped supporting all third party devices and licensed VWorks to BioNex solutiopns which maintains those know in a seperate version of VWorks.

Makes sense about the Agilent devices. I’ll give the key stroke a try and if that doesn’t have the setting then off to the registry I’ll be.