Alpaqua Magnets - Free to a good home :)

We have a pile of FLX96 Magnets. Anyone need any? Free to a good home!


If I was closer to Nugget’s HQ I’d pick those up - great all-around magnets. If nobody needs them maybe you could offer them up to the community for a raffle or a reward for some sort of challenge like @smohler periodically posts.

We have a bunch of things that are usefull to the community we were thinking of posting up here. We reciently took in a large order of equipment that came with loads of accessories…


Where are you located? We may have some use for these!

If you’re interested, I’m happy to gift these to DIY lab spaces in the Bay Area

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Are you in the Bay Area? I would love to take these off your hands.

I have extensive connections in developing countries academia, including Ukraine, that were recently looking for magnets like this. Any chance you could donate some to this cause?

Once logistics gets back tomorrow we we ship them out. I will PM everyone.

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We are there a couple times a month. Or just PM me your address and we can mail some

Houtson Texas!

If they are not all spoken for, would love to have one or two. Thanks.

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@NuggetScientific if you have any of those nifty FLX96, I would be happily take one. Thanks!

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@NuggetScientific I would love to have one or two. Thanks!