Arrays/dynamic images/loading instructions in CustomDialogs

Hey friends - I’ve got a modified easyBlood method that has a pretty weird target-tube loading setup that is dependent on the source tubes that get loaded. I think it is going to be confusing/annoying for operators, so I want to make a custom dialog box that displays a dynamically-built image of which tubes should be loaded into each carrier. My first thought was to pass it an array of boolean values that would check/uncheck dialog boxes to match the required tube setup, but it doesnt look like you can pass arrays into a dialog box? Anybody have any handy tricks for deck loading instructions like that?

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Do you have a mock-up of what you’d like to do?

With the custom dialog box you can export, edit the .xaml file, then re-import it. Handy for updating variable names, box names, or fine tuning positions.

exporting dialog:
editing in notepad++ (or whatever):


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