Automation Compatible pH meters

Looking for pH meters that we can interface with Hamilton and Tecan systems. I know there a few options but I would really appreciate everyone’s experience with each option if you have it.


I have seen a few Labwerx project with METTLER TOLEDO pH probes and meters so I know drivers would exist for integrations on and EVOs and likely for Fluents but these were custom builds.

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Hamilton makes a pH module but it’s only compatible with Hamilton robots


Have you used the Hamilton pH module? Is it solid?

Labwerx from Tecan offers a module which can measure pH and conductivity for Fluent and EVO
4 Channels pH + 4 Channels conductivity. You can even perform these measurements in 96 deep well plates. It includes a wash station where pH- & conductivity probes can be washed and dried

Probes in washstation:

Probes measuring conductivity:


This is very cool! I like the combination of pH and Conductivity! Thank you!

Yes they are good. we are using on 3 hamiltons. they are pretty good