Automation consultants... Preferred partners or recommendations?

Hi everyone!

My name is Brandon Revelli and I’m with Automata, a lab automation and integration platform company that’s recently entered the US. As we work to establish our footprint, we’re hoping to expand our partner network as well. I’m curious if there are any lab automation consultants that you’ve enjoyed working with and would recommend… this could be anything from strategic advice and system selection, to implementation, training and support.

Added bonus for anything in the Boston/Cambridge area as that’s where we’re based as well. Thanks in advance!


Hi Brandon,

My name is Wali Malik, and I am a lab automation consultant with Involvedata. Here’s my linkedn : Wali Malik - Involve Data Inc. | LinkedIn

Have tons of experience in the space, and happy to chat.



Thanks, Wali! Will reach out to close the loop.