Automation Consumables

wanted to start a thread for the ongoing saga of special consumables for automation …
post pandemic (if we can ever say that), supply chain for novel consumables - especially certain types of pipette tip that aren’t the big sellers for automation vendors e.g. 384 format tips, small volume (10 & 50 µL tips) are still a challenge to source in sufficient quantities

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Were you looking for certain recommendations? Or jut hearing about everyone’s challenges?

We do on-deck tip sterilization with bleach mid-run up to 100 times, and then autoclave post-run. We’ve actually verified zero contamination this way and we are literally using phage which are both contamination nightmares and ultra sensitive to bleach. Im happy to share the method if anyone is interested.

To be clear this is walk-away automated, you just have to refill the hamilton storage tanks for the washer and the static reservoirs every ~12 hours.

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In which platform is this?

I would be interested in the sterilization protocol!

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Its on Hamilton, I’ll share it as a PyHamilton script.

@Stefan - have you ever integrated a tip washer onto your OT-2?

Not for the OT-2 but we created a 3d printed device that integrates onto the deck of a Hamilton and has barb connectors for loading water and bleach into reservoirs. I bet something similar could be devised for the OT-2.


This is great, and I think I have a couple of customers who would love it. Would you mind sharing the STL file?

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