Automation friendly thermal cyclers

Does anyone have any recommendations for thermal cyclers that can be operated remotely? They don’t necessarily need to fit on the deck of liquid handler. We currently have the Inheco ODTC, but are looking at other options as we get ready to scale up operations. Thanks for any insights!

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There’s the Thermo ATC.

Opentrons also has an on-deck TC but I don’t much about it…

I’ve used the INHECO ODTC and they were fairly rock solid for our HTS usage.

Here is another options from Analytic Jena:


Wow that looks adorable

Nothing but the best for my friends at pylabrobot!

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I’ve got an ATC on my biomek - it’s OK. Might just be the Beckman Coulter interface but it seems pretty straightforward without bells n whistles.

+1 for the TRobot II. We’re currently using one (not integrated with a robot arm yet) and it’s been solid. A team I worked closely with in my last role also had one integrated off the side of a Hamilton STAR and had nothing but good things to say about it.

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Has anyone used the Hamilton comfort lids with any of these thermal cyclers? I know most/all claim compatibility but I’m curious if there are any notable issues that would break processes sensitive to sealing quality e.g. an overnight hyb.

I’ve used it with the ODTC. Works really well. I used it with the iSWAP to move the plate stack in and out of ODTC. I recommend that you get a really good labware definition and define the comfort lid well with the plate. Using comfort lids in Venus and on Hamilton is a game changer and can be difficult if you have a bad labware definition.

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