Does anyone use Benchling as an ELN for their lab automation work?

The website provided documentation is atrocious. And I’m trying to get a feel for how the schema’s and template’s can best be maximized for day to day use cases.

Have you tried reaching out to Benchling Support? I think they were able to answer some API questions for us. (I havent personally touched the API)

I am in the process of reaching out as well but I wanted to see if the community had any good ELN templates/ideas. The only tricky part about an API is the first step (setting it up) or communicating that first time but once you’re communicating, it’s easy peasy.

Update: It was even easier than I envisioned, great job Benchling folks.


Benchling is launching a community forum. Pretty awesome to see fast followers to this site … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hah, I was at their SF community launch event and it was pretty interesting. There are a lot of good moves being made that were long overdue. They’re also pushing hard for better lab auto integrations and data management as a request from big pharma so will be fascinating to see how they evolve.

I think the Bits in Bio Slack was the biggest catalyst for that forum. Every other question in their LIMS or Automation channel are about Benchling basics, moving away from Benchling or availability of a repository for Benchling code that works.

Lots of academic labs and companies transitioning away from startup pricing are also getting burned on costs. Will be interesting to see.

Benchling Community launched today.

It seems pretty useful. They even have a section on Best Practices.

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