Best way to reduce manual handling of data with BMG Clariostar?

Maybe I’m overthinking it but wanted to ask how others have integrated the BMG Clariostar into their automation workflows, particularly the data handling aspects. Some questions (apologies if really basic):

  • is there an easy way to attach the plate barcode to the file produced through the software?
  • otherwise, how do you typically attach data sets to experiments, e.g. is it done manually when uploading to your ELN? how do you minimise errors? how can this process be accelerated?
  • how can we more easily control the plate reader and integrate data capture programatically? I’ve looked at the ActiveX/Delphi docs but not sure if this will work with our python/API first approach - EDIT: I’ll test the plate_readers module in pylabrobot and revert on this point

Any more tips and tricks to better integrating the clariostar into our workflows?

I have a full Python integration of the Clariostar. Let me know if you have any questions about it

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It’s pretty standard for plate readers to allow you to name the data file so that it includes the plate barcode. once this file is created, it also has a date time stamp. file capture can be handled several ways depending on your LIMS system.