Blow out air volume

is there a way to specify the amount of air that is blown out after a dispense. I see this command: Liquid Handling — Opentrons API v2.0, but don’t see a volume parameter. The API doesn’t document it either.

If there’s no way to specify this, how would one go about contributing it? What is the current volume?


I’m not sure about the volume itself, but I do know that we can control the blow out flow rate: don’t know if that would help you.

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welcome to the forum and thank you for the response!

does the blow out operation take a fixed amount of time to complete?

Hi Rick, it looks like you wound up on the archived OT-One docs. I presume you’re trying to blow out on an OT-2 or Flex. Check out the latest API Reference entry for the blow_out() command available on those robots.

blow_out() is designed to send as much air through the pipette as physically possible. If you want a smaller amount, use the push_out parameter of dispense(), available in API version 2.15 and later.

We don’t make any guarantees about how much air is available for a push_out. It’s usually a very small amount if you aspirate immediately after picking up a tip. You can pre-aspirate air if you want to make more air available.