Blowout on tip pickup


We are starting to use the Grenova washer to wash our Hamilton tips. And while the washing seems to work, we end up having a bit of water volume in the tip.
Is there a way with Venus (classical or firmware commands) to aspirate air before tip pickup and do a blowout once the tips are picked up to removed any liquid left in it ?



If I recall correctly, to do this one needs enable a special tip pickup property on the tip labware.

Then you would pick up your tips and then call a dispense blowout step.


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I will try this today. Do you know if there’s a way to choose the volume ?
And where did you find that documentation ?

The labware properties (screenshot) are in the Programmers Manual. As for the knowledge of how this works, I am not sure if this info is documented anywhere particular but I asked Hamilton a similar question like 7 years ago when I was battling residual volume in tips from tip reuse.

Would love for a Hamilton rep to correct me if I am wrong on how this works


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I forgot that part of the programmer’s manual and it is indeed very useful.

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Also u should reach out to Grenova. As they can update the program for u as we do not see anything like this.

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Just ran into this exact situation. FYI you can’t use “Jet Empty” liquid classes, use “Jet Part”:

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Have you managed to determine how to select the pre-aspiration air volume?
I encountered the same issue and attempted to resolve it by enabling the labware properties mentioned. It pre-aspirates an undetermined volume of air before attaching the tip, yet the following problems remain:

  • I cannot find a way to select the pre-aspiration volume.
  • I am unable to initiate a dispense volume without first performing an aspirate step.
  • The pre-aspirated air is not being dispensed.
    (I also tried aspirating a zero volume with the blow-out tip dispense mode.)

I really appreciate any suggestion
Thank you!