Bravo - Changing Teachpoint Settings Using Javascript

I was hoping someone with experience of writing JavaScript scripts for the Bravo might be able to help me. I want to be able to change the teach-point settings mid protocol using JavaScript (specifically the Z-axis teach-point at position 3). Not sure if this is even possible, would be good to know for sure before I spend another day going down various rabbit holes trying to find a solution!
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PS also happy to hear about any other alternative solutions to this problem if they exist.

I’m not sure that it is possible to change the actual teachpoint, but you can definitely set the aspirate/dispense height and you can also change the labware on a position with a script.

What are you trying to accomplish by changing the teachpoint?

Hi DCurrier,
Thanks for replying to my query. The reason I want to change the teachpoints is because I’m using a magnetic plate with high plastic ridges around the edges which means I need different heights for using the gripper than I do for aspirate/dispense tasks.
I will try your idea of changing the labware using a script instead (if I can figure out how), that might work.

There’s some details here about changing the labware of a plate using Javascript.

plate.labware = "Labware Name"

But even simpler than that, can you not just change the grip height for that plate such that the Bravo gripper always grips it high on the plate? That won’t work if you ever lid the plate I guess, in which case changing the labware type for steps where you need to grip it high is a pretty good solution. I’d probably just copy the labware and append “GripHigh” to the end or something.

@TAHJones changing the labware def mid run works very well, we used to do that all of the time.

Changing the grip height sounds promising. Is that the ‘Robot gripper offset (mm)’ setting in the Bravo tab in Labware Editor?

Yep, as measured from the bottom of the plate. If you get some funny results after changing this value you may need to tweak your magnet position teach point. I find the magnet a little difficult to teach because you don’t have the crosshairs. And depending on the type of magnet you have the plate may actually sit down in the magnet a little bit, so the teach point is slightly below the top surface of the magnets.

If that’s the case the best way is to the “Gripper” tab in Diagnostics and move the plate back and forth from a properly taught position to the magnet. Make sure it grips the plate at exactly the same spot, or listen for the plate to drop into position (teach point too high) or slip in the grippers (teach point too low). You can also do this in reverse, but then your actions are reversed, if you move the plate from the magnet to the properly taught position and you can hear the plate drop into position then your magnet teach point is too low.

Spend some time tweaking your teach points so it’s as close to perfect as you can will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Just tried adjusting the gripper height instead of the teachpoint and that seems to have done the trick. Thanks everyone for your all you help, much appreciated :grinning:

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