Bug report - ComputeContainerVolume

Can someone please tell me I am crazy?

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There has always been what appears to be a bug in the compute container volume function for containers with a V cone segment. I hoped it would be fixed in Venus 6 but it is not.

I made these slides years ago but I thought I would share hoping the function will be fixed.


Yup this error is persistent in Venus 6 and it’s causing a lot of LLD errors. Hopefully this gets resolved with the next update.

This was brought up in another thread. For better volume estimates, avoid using a “v-cone base segment” in your container definition as the calculation for geometry is not correct and will underestimate the volume. Replace it with a “v-cone” with a smaller lower internal diameter.

There are currently no plans to change the v-cone base segment due to the need for backward compatibility so the recommendation is to create new labware definitions for better accuracy if needed.

It seems to me the bug is in the v-cone segment and not the v-cone base segment. Nonetheless good to know there are no plans to fix the bug.