Can labware types be set as variables?

I want to be able to set a 96 well labware type, decided by a user at run time, within a Venus method. I am wondering if it is possible and/or how to do this.
I realize that I can put multiple plate types overlayed on the deck and can use sub-methods but this is clunky and I was looking for a more elegant solution.

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A possible solution is to have an array of sequences containing all possible labware, and then setting the index of the array of sequences for the following asp/dis commands. This would require having multiple plate types overlaid on the deck. Or you could generate the labware during run time with a library and create a sequence to use with that labware for your following asp/dis commands.

This is really easy with variable assignment in PyHamilton

HSLDevLib and the AppsLibrary have this function. The config file is the definition file of the plate you want to add. So you’ll have an array of Plate Type aliases (e.g. ‘Costar Round Bottom’) then you can have a lookup table submethod that If Selected PlateType = XYZ, ConfigFile = “Fully qualified path\XYZ.rck”.


I use this function all the time. AS we load labware at run time. Let me know if you have any questions. Also u can pass those as variable for Excel file or drop down

This is great information. I’m excited to try it. Thanks you.

To add to this discussion, I would like to introduce the HSLLabwrAccess library, which contains similar commands to the DevLib but also contains additional functionality. For example, it allows for selection of adding a Cover (lid) when adding Labware to the deck, or even increasing/reducing Stack sizes at runtime.

An installer for the LabwrAccess library can be downloaded at this link: HSLLabwrAccess
This installer will place a demo method in the “HAMILTON\Methods\Library Demo Methods\HSLLabwrAccess” folder for reference.

I uploaded a demo method specifically for this thread using the LabwrAccess library to this link: Add Labware at Runtime.pkg

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Wow we get our own demo methods from the pro’s!


Indeed. This forum really is an incredible place :100: