Can't see LiHa commands

Hi! My lab just got our Tecan Freedom Evo set up in our space. I was looking through the command section and noticed that the 8-channel LiHa wasn’t listed in the step sections. Is there any way to fix that myself or should I call the tech support line?

Hi @julu25 I would make sure that your configuration is set up correctly and that the 8-channel is selected.

Definitely call the helpline - they can sort this out for you.

In short, you need to do one of the following:

  • Use the .exe to start the installer, make sure you select RUO and enable the 8-ch LiHa arm to be installed
  • Enable the LiHa arm in configuration as enabled (and possibly in S&S, the service software)
  • Set-up the configuration such as syringe, tubing, tiptype etc which may require Tecan assistance.
  • Beyond that, cables or other hardware might have issues but this is unlikely. As mentioned before, a helpdesk assoc can help you through the steps.
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Thank you, everyone! Still fumbling through the setup process. Will update if resolved