Circular/spiral pipette motion while aspirating

Hey friends, Im hoping to achieve a maneuver that I’ve seen the Tecan do for blood processing - pipetting in a circular motion with wide-bore tips to collect buffy fractions
Im using the easyBlood framework and the default buffy transfer just takes sample from the middle of the tube and leaves most of the collectable buffy around the sides. Tecan blood processing uses a pretty slick circular motion that works insanely well and I’d like to replicate this on our hamilton :slight_smile: Anybody have any best practice advice?

Hi @Not-So-EasyBlood ,

Have you checked out Hamilton’s Liquid Fractionation Control that uses TADM to determine the phase transitions? There is a buffy removal command that uses multiple aspiration steps within the tube to get around the edges to increase buffy removal. You can see a video of it below:

Buffy Removal - LFC.mp4
Password: Hamilton2024

We also recently had a Webinar on this technology.