Clear vs Conductive Tips

Hello everyone,

I am thinking about switching to clear tips, temporarily, to optimize a liquid class that involves transferring small volumes (3 uL using the 50 uL tips on 96-head). I am currently using the black conductive tips but I cannot see if the pipetting volume is consistent throughout a full 96 plates and it takes a lot of resources and time to confirm it after the experiment.

The issue is that I noticed that I do not have any labware or liquid class files for any of the clear tips. I was wondering if those files exist and how different they are to their conductive counterparts?


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Hi Nat,

You can use the same labware and liquid classes for clear tips that you use for the conductive.

The only change that might be needed is if you are using an autoload to verify the barcodes of the tip racks during a load step. You would have to modify the barcode mask to match it with the clear tips.

I hope that helps!



Hi Eric,

Thank you for the explanation! I figure that was the case but I wanted to confirm it.