cLLD Parameter in Labware definition

Hey all,

If the cLLD from the labware definition is equal to 0, and the method uses “Use cLLD from Labware definition”, what sensitivity is used?

We are experiencing false/too sensitive/early detection of liquid. Probably due to low humidity (~10%).
Any suggestions?

Hi @yunghans,

Selecting either 0 or 5 in the Labware Definition for Capacitive LLD will set the detection level to “Low” in the method at runtime. My suggestion would be to set cLLD sensitivities in the method commands rather than relying on the Labware Definition settings to ensure better control over each pipetting step. Additionally, for what you’re experiencing specifically, I suggest trying the “Low” or “Medium” sensitivities to see if that improves results. If the issue persists, consider switching to pLLD instead if using dry tips for these transfers. In some instances, vapors coming off the surface of the liquid or droplets on the side of the wells/tubes will causes the cLLD sensor to trigger before reaching the liquid surface, particularly when using higher sensitivities.

Thank you,