Hello everyone,

May I ask a few question about Microlab Star?

We have two robots, first just 8-channel and the second 8-channel + 96 CO-RE HEAD (I Hope you understand).

When we use first one (robot) our door is usually open and for some tasks it’s closed, but when we use the second robot, ONLY 96 HEAD we can`t work with open dood (only closed (always eror) ) Is it even possible to work with open door? Because as I said with 8-channel It does work.

And second quastion, we’re thinking to buy 384_HEAD. Can we change 96 to 384 by ourself?


There’s a setting in the sys config that might help. However, I think there needs to be a change applied in the service software as well to full disable door locks.

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The cover monitoring is set in the service software and should be enabled for safety. This is typically confirmed during installs and PMs by the field service engineer. The system configuration editor in VENUS can then allow for the automatic locking of the cover during runtime.

Field upgrades for the 384 MPH are possible, but only by trained field service personnel.

If you need assistance getting in touch with your local sales and support team for either of these requests, please let me know.

We changed to “Disabled” and it still works only with 8-channel

I understand about safety, but sometimes we need opened door. From your words, we can’t change it?

The door should be closed during runtime and only opened during user prompts when the system is not in motion. It is our current policy to not disable any safety mechanism on our platforms.

okay then, could you help with this erro?

It looks like you have user authentication enabled on your system so the current user may not be added to the appropriate user group.


The user authentication system and its setup are covered in the programmer’s manual. If you still run into issues, then I recommend you get in touch with your local support to best resolve.