CO-RE II Upgrade

Have any folks gone through with the CO-RE II hardware upgrade yet? Seen any noticeable improvements or differences in results? Would like to hear what you like and what you don’t like thus far.

Is there a new service software interface?

I also heard that Hamilton may be extending out the June 2024 deadline since lots of customers complained about building up a large CO-RE tip stock after the terrible supply chain issues of the pandemic. Can any Hamilton employees shed any light on a potential deadline extension? Thank you all in advance.



Hi all,

There is no new service software interface for CO-RE II, but there is specific firmware that must be uploaded. The June 2024 deadline is for free upgrades. If that deadline changes, I will update this thread!

In terms of feedback, the applications team has reported that tip straightness is noticeably improved. We haven’t seen differences in assay results - we understand that this would be of primary concern to our customers. While we’ve encountered some reports, further investigation has shown that the issues were not due to the switch to CO-RE II.

See this link to the original announcement that includes a link to the brochure with more information.



Thanks @EricSindelar_Hamilton, as always.

All of the features of CO-RE II are desirable and look like great improvements. Just curious as to the reception in the field thus far. Others, please share your experiences if you wish.

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So far so good. We have done a number of CORE II upgrades. We compared with Artel, the CORE I and CORE II tips, and then with the CORE II hardware upgrade, its passed Artel fine also with no changes to method.

I’ve noticed the tips look more aligned.


Same, we had several of them upgraded and it seems fine


@EricSindelar_Hamilton Just wanted to follow up to see if there is any change to the June 2024 deadline for free upgrades to CO-RE II. Can you also elaborate if its good until the start of June or the end of June? Thanks!

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The Hamilton CO-RE II free upgrade promotion will expire on June 30th, 2024. This is for the Reno territory/North America.

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Thanks @EricSindelar_Hamilton for confirming, appreciate your quick feedback as always!

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