Conferences for Automation

Hello All,
I am trying to figure out for next year conferences and just wondering which are good one for Lab Automation? It will be great if we can have a list.


Depends what you are after. SLAS is a good national level large networking event. Lots of vendors, but often not much new. Some good speakers.

The LRIG meetings are local and easy. Good way to connect to people like local apps and service teams. Usually interesting heads of automation groups attend. It is a good spot to go for bouncing ideas around.

There are countless application specific meetings like AACC, SOFT, PAG, PittConn and dozens more.

For lists of events, you can use popular vendor event pages :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help. I am looking more like SLAS, LRIG, Lab of Future and conferences which are more focus on Lab Automation vs particualr application but thanks. This is a good starting point.

Something like Future Labs may be up your alley as well: