Contributing to PLR Documentation

Hey Rick,

I was trying to figure out how to write documentation for the website. I followed the GitHub guide but I cannot see docs/_build/html in the repo anymore:

The example of the page makes a lot of sense to me and I can see how I can just write additional information directly into the .md file.

Please let me know where additional documentation would be best placed.

I wanted to have a soft start of helping with documentation by correcting some small mistakes, like changing the mentioning of a ScaleBackend in the heater shaker example:

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Thanks for wanting to work on this!

Docs have to be built by running make docs. The _build files are gitignored. You have to rerun this command after you make edits to preview them. You can clean the build files / cache with make clean-docs. This is needed, I think, after removing documented classes/methods in Python.

GitHub pages will automatically build docs, so if it’s just straightforward changes don’t worry about previewing.

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I should add that you can use the pencil icon on the top right on each documentation page to suggest an edit for that page. (not including the auto-generated API reference)


also the how to open source guide has a section on quick changes that is immediately and particularly applicable to docs issues.

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