Copying sequences from source carrier to target carrier

Hello friends
Im trying to pull off a harebrained pooling schema in a modified easyBlood demo method (BloodToTubes), and could use some advice on sequence manipulation. Our assay take between 1-4 samples per donor, and matching samples are aligned horizontally across the source tube carriers. For patients without 4 sample tubes, the position in the carrier is left empty. The transfer step takes samples from sources 1 & 2 and pools them into target 1, sources 3 & 4 into target 2, etc.


The trouble that Im having is that when there are missing positions in the source carrier, those empty positions arent conserved in the target dispense (i.e., if source2 has positions 1 & 3 occupied, plasma is dispensed into target1 positions 1&2, which would pool that plasma with the wrong patient).

I’ve tried the copySequence method of the HSLSeqLib to try to superimpose the sequence of the source carriers onto the target carriers (whuch just made a copy of the sequence on the original source labware), and I’ve tried using ReplaceLabwareIdentifier from the sequence library (which just replaces the ID of the original carrier).

If anybody has tips or best practices (or any easyblood experience at all, let’s be friends), you might just save a life!


Not sure if I understood correctly what you are trying to achieve, but when it comes to duplicating sequences while changing the labware I often take this approach : loop through the origin sequence, then for each position add it to a new sequence that I create with SeqAdd. With this approach you have flexibility to select only certain positions if needed. The only library you need is the classical HslSeq Lib.

If you need I can share tomorrow examples of how to do it.


I haven’t looked at the easyBlood demo method so can’t comment on what’s already in place.

What are you doing to define the source positions? Is it taking a user generated worklist in? If so - that worklist could easily include the destination tube as part of this. Depending on how the worklist is made, there’s potential for copy-paste errors which would need to be accounted for.

From your image, it looks like sources 1/2 and 3/4 always go to the same tubes. Is there a scenario where tubes 1/3 are present and go into destination 1? Or would that go into destination 1 and destination 2 respectively?

As Yaas mentioned, I would also loop through the source sequence and create the destination sequence dynamically. Taking the source sequence, iterating through it and parsing the position id to determine which destination tube it goes in to would be fairly straightforward I’d imagine.