Creating custom 3D models

Hi there,

I am interested in creating 3D models for customized labware. The 3D model format required by Venus seems to be .x files, which as I understand it is a DirectX 2.0 file on Windows.

I can’t find any sources for creating DirectX files. I’ve looked at the MeshConvert tool by Microsoft for something that can convert a OBJ or STL into a .x file, but it looks like it is a legacy format being phased out in favour of the sdkmesh.

@EricSindelar_Hamilton do you have any recommendations for creating 3D models that can be used in the labware configuration on Venus?

@Zach - Legacy versions of Blender can be used to export drawings to direct x format.

If you do not know how to use Blender, it isn’t much of an obstacle. You can use whatever modelling software you want generate your drawing, export in a format that can be imported by Blender (numerous formats supported) and export as .x


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