Current Venus Version

Just curious, what Venus version are people using?
@EricSindelar_Hamilton Are most client still on Venus 4 for Hamilton STARs?

There are many systems still on VENUS 4, but all new systems are shipping with VENUS 6. VENUS 6 is Windows 11 compatible so I presume that many of our accounts will upgrade when they also consider upgrading their OS.


Is there anything specific we should know when we upgrade from Venus 4 to 6? We are trialing it on one of our systems soon.

You will need new firmware when moving from VENUS 4 to 6, but I presume you are already arranging that with your local support team. See below for other considerations


  • Methods written in VENUS 1,2,3,4,5 or VoV can be run in VENUS 6
  • Note - some custom libraries may not be compatible - ASW 3.1 (obsolete), ASW Custom Vector dialogs (newer version 1.1.4 available) and Step Tracker (newer version 1.62 available)
  • VENUS 6 methods (requires 6.0.2) can be opened in earlier versions, but it will error if it uses new steps like new complex IF/ELSE, complex assignment with calculations, stop timer, Sequence-Get Remaining Positions)
  • VENUS 6 liquid classes will fail to open in previous VENUS versions. VENUS 6 liquid class dataset now incorporates a new field to allocate MagPip parameters

Operative System and SQL server:

  • Compatible with Windows 10 or 11
  • Compatible with SQL server express 2019
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Hi Eric, when you say ASW Custom Vector dialogs (newer version 1.1.4 available), does that mean that 1.1.4 is compatible and older versions are not or that none are compatible?

Hi, 1.1.4 is compatible with with Venus 6, older versions are not.


This is correct!