Dead volume calculations for MLP

Hi, when using the 60mL reagent reservoir troughs, how do you account for varying amount of liquid in the trough for a certain reagent based off number of samples? Do you just have the user make a calculation (volume needed per number of samples + dead volume) and enter that in for the reagent at the start of run or is there another way?

Hey Kaitlyn,
Responded to your email and realized I never responded here! I’ll answer here to so that it’s available for others who may have that question.

I talked with product management, and here is what I got back:
"I don’t think you can modify the calculation to include a dead volume automatically. You could either use calculate for me and add 2mL to that number when loading, or use ask at run time and specify the volume you wish to use plus 2mL there "

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Thanks, Michael! Always prompt responses

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