Delay or pause

Hi all!

Is it possible to provide the Delay or Pause before the dispense? I mean when the Head_96 goes to dispense position and before this…

The reason I ask is that I noticed when Head moves from aspiration position to the dispense position it swings in different directions and cannot stop properly to perform precise dispensing.

To accomplish this in my past, I’ve used the move head single step command to move above the sequence I’m pipetting to then used a two second timer to let the head settle down from the move, and then perform my pipetting command with a single or golden step.


Sounds great! Could you help with that “two second timer” please?

Sure. In General Steps select “Timer: Start” and enter 2 in the Relative Time box

Then immediately following that step, add a “Timer: Wait For” step. Be sure the Timer Handle is bound to the name of the timer from the Timer:Start step and de-select “Show Timer Display”

Voila! You now have an invisible 2-second timer!


Thank you a lot! :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: