Direct message function not working for new account?


new to this board and opened a thread just yesterday. Was asked to replay some disclosed details via PM. However I struggled finding the button to PM directly. I was about to contact staff but from what I see that is through PM as well… Could anybody let me know how I can sort this? I actually think that this button does not exist for my account yet maybe because it is to new?

Thanks for your help!


If you click on the user icon or name, you should see a Message option. If you’re not seeing this then the moderator for the site will have to enable it for you. I tried sending you a direct message, but I don’t think it went through - @Stefan, can you please assist?

Discourse (the forum engine this site uses) has some restrictions for new members. Ill waive those for you so you can DM.

Edit: i think it’s all set

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Hi everybody,

everything is working now. Thanks for your help!