Download Hamilton Method Manager 2

Hi Eric,

could you send a download link for the Hamilton Method Manager 2?
I couldn’t find it among the links you have already shared.
Maybe you could make a post with all the links and Stefan could pin it.

These are the links I could find:



Venus installers:


Hi Ben,
I think the links got buried in the VENUS libraries thread. Check the main directory link here, which would give you access to all the subfolders and content. The method manager 2 is in the Hamilton GUIs and Tools folder.


Hi Eric,

I’m familiar with a different version of Method Manager, and found this thread while looking for it. I’m not sure which version it is (potentially v1?) but it looks like this:

Is there a download link for that Method Manager anywhere, or is it a separate paid piece of software? Thanks!

That is the original Method Manager. I have posted it here, but I highly recommend checking out the newer Method Manager 2. Many of its features are being incorporated into VENUS six.

Will do, thank you!

Hi Eric,

In downloading and extracting this myself, I just get a blank screen with no buttons to press. Typically I’m used to seeing the settings button and others, but not on this go-around.

Does this require to be placed into a specific folder?

It shouldn’t require a specific folder. It’s possible that this could be a permission issue either in the Hamilton directory or in the folder in which you have the Method Manager. You can start by giving full control to the Method Manager 2 folder and see if that helps.

Thanks for the prompt reply, I just checked the folder properties and it has full control for the whole system and all users of this PC. Any other leads?

Turn it off and on again? Sorry had to ask as I don’t have other suggestions. We’ve heard of a couple other such instances, but the developer can’t recreate it on their end.

What version of VENUS and is there anything unique about the OS setup?

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I did the restart and still found the same issue - the photo I’m attaching here shows exactly how it looks. Is this what your dev team has been unable to replicate?

Venus Version is, photo attached below:

Yes, that is the issue. If you could provide OS info that may help. We can also discuss offline.

Also I should relay that much of the method manager 2 functionality has been built into the new VENUS 6 UI by default so long-term that may be your best option.

Something unrelated, but recently, we upgraded our Windows 10 to 11, which was running Venus 4, and recently, we have been having Windows freezing mostly during daily maintenance. We are worried that it might happen during actual run.

VENUS 4 is not validated to run on Windows 11 so you may encounter unexpected performance issues. VENUS 6 is the only version that is compatible with 11. I would recommend either downgrading the OS or upgrading to VENUS 6.