Dynamic Action Group Durations


We’ve historically not used action groups, but am trying them out now. The method I’m trying them in is quite dynamic in its range - it can prepare 1-4 plates with differing numbers of dilution steps etc, so I think that updating the duration to the mean will probably make the predicted duration for most assays incorrect.

I’d like to use the Scheduling interface etc, but is there a way we can pass in durations to each action group through variables? For e.g., if I were to predict a duration elsewhere in the method, can I pass it in? Otherwise, it seems this feature is really quite limited and I’ll have to go back to using statusdialogs etc…

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Gareth,

Actions in VENUS do not allow the use of a variable to drive the expected duration. However, Dynamic Scheduler allows the use of Activities which can use a variable, see below. Note that Scheduler comes standard with VENUS 6, but is a separate installer for previous versions of VENUS. Also, a method with Activities can still be run normally without the need for a Workflow.

There is an option to set an expected duration for an Activity along the top of the parameter window:


The expected duration can be calculated outside the Activity and passed to it by way of a variable:


The expected durations can be confirmed in Run Control by scheduling the method/workflow:

It is possible to convert Actions and Activities within a pre-existing method by opening the method in Method Editor, going to the Method menu, and selecting the “Replace Activities with Actions” option at the bottom of the drop-down:


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Thanks Dan, that’s really interesting, thanks! Is the separate installer for previous VENUS versions a cost or free? Could you provide it here if it is free, please? Thanks again.

Hi Gareth,

I recommend you follow up with your local sales and support team for the Scheduler installer. If you need any help getting in contact with them, please message me!

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Will do, thanks Eric.